?Have you developed the doom-scrolling habit?

With all that is going on in the world and with another UK lockdown in place from Thursday, we can find ourselves unconsciously developing new habits. 

Doom-scrolling for example can appear to be useful and comforting, but is it?

?What is doom scrolling?

Doom scrolling is excessively scrolling through news or social media feeds looking for negative updates.

?Why do we do it?

There are many reasons, including the fact that negativity can be magnetising for the brain and it can give a sense of control over perceived danger so we can be prepared – on the front foot so to speak.

This makes it difficult to break the habit as ultimately our brain thinks it is keeping us safe from danger.

?What are the outcomes of doom scrolling?

Doom scrolling is known to create anxiety. 

It takes our mind out of the present and into the future, creating endless worrying.

Our stress containers in 2020 may already feel full, so if you’re struggling…I’ve got some tips coming your way soon. 

?Be honest, are you prone to doom-scrolling? 

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