Have you ever?

Have you ever taken a new job and realised within the first few months, the company and the job weren’t what you thought they were?

When deciding if a new job is right for you, we may be influenced by:
?the promise of a higher salary and benefits
?the perceived level of prestige and status 
?the feeling of being sought-after by the hiring manager

?I recall a time I was considering a new role. On the surface it appeared shiny, attractive and exciting. 

Post the first interview stage, I spoke to someone who was doing the role. I asked them to talk me through their calendar, so I could get a feel for their day-to-day work life.

❌I found out that the role was highly reactive, involved firefighting, long days, stacked with back-to-back meetings with unappealing ways of working.

I realised despite salary, prestige and hiring manager praise, it was not the right fit for me and I’d be unfulfilled.

?This experience reinforced the importance of really knowing myself to be able to ask key questions and determine a good match.?

?As my favourite Buddhist monk says, “The best way is to understand yourself, and then you will understand everything.”? Shunryu Suzuki

?What things do you know about yourself, that help you choose well in your work life??

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