Our new patterns – Are they serving us?

It’s fair to say there has been a lot going on these past few months. 

Being connected with the help of technology has been, in many ways, a life raft. 

Especially in those first few weeks of lock-down to support some form of normality and connection. 

Phrases such as “Zoom fatigue” have entered our vocabulary as we become increasingly aware of the need to strike a balance, to make time to disconnect and not let the plethora of virtual meetings take over our days. 

Whilst virtual meeting technology has been enabling, it’s also meant:

  • more screen time (often looking at your own image, which weirdly feels tiring?)
  • feeling under the spotlight with many eyes on you, for hours at a time
  • more sitting down
  • fewer breaks
  • for some, much less daily activity, for some, none at all.
  • a trend to have a virtual video call as opposed to just having a regular voice call (which still has a place)

 This in turn has seen a rise in the length of the average work day and time being “switched on”. 

For many this means 2 or more, extra hours per day.

Potentially this may mean:

?feeling like you are running on empty

?tasks are feeling harder to get through and complete

?apathy and a sense that you have lost your mojo

?sleep has become disrupted by a struggle to switch off

?a sense that you are going through the motions and are on autopilot

? feeling like the lines between your work self and your home self are blurred

We’ve had to adapt quickly to the new circumstances presented by lock-down, forming new patterns, new habits and ways of being. 

Whilst these patterns served us early on as we were all finding our feet, it feels like it’s time to stop, reflect and notice what these patterns are doing to support us, but also which patterns or routines (or lack of routine that has become a routine) are hindering our overall sense of well-being. 

I invite you to gift yourself some reflection time this week and decide if all of the new patterns you have adopted over the last few months are serving you.

Questions to ponder:

  1. What do I do to take care of myself?
  2. If I am not taking care of myself, what is stopping me from doing so?
  3. What action can I take now that would have an immediate impact?
  4. How might this action make me feel good and think more positively?
  5. How would that benefit me?

The choices you make, make you.

Physical, mental, personal, spiritual, emotional and professional wellness really does matter.

When it comes to the quality of our life experience and wellness, my vote is for you to choose you.

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