Workplace relationships – how important are they?

⏰We spend around a 3rd of our lives at work.

As naturally social creatures, good workplace relationships can: 
✔Help contribute to feelings of psychological safety and trust
✔Support idea generation and sharing
✔Enable collective adaptability through close knit teams, especially during periods of change
✔Increase everyday job engagement and enjoyment
✔Support career development
✔Drive more outcomes and deliver bigger impact

?Good workplace relationships positively impact your life outside of work and so how we relate to those we spend a lot of time with greatly impacts our overall well-being and mental health bank account.

?As our focus turns towards the festive season (and hopefully some down time), creating a team space (be that, a virtual tea and mince pie meeting ?) for colleagues to reflect and acknowledge one another, can serve as a reminder of the value our workplace relationships bring to our lives. 

?In a year that feels like our world has been turned upside down, how are you investing in your workplace relationships?

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