✔Hit or miss❌?

Is your work life a hit or a miss?

Most of our waking hours are spent working.

As a result, we might:
?Get sick more often and have flagging energy levels
?Experience communication challenges and strained relationships
?Have an inability to relax and recharge, with sleep quality most likely impaired

If left unchecked, these effects can send us in a downward spiral and leave us feeling powerless.

?Wouldn’t it be great if when asked, what you do for work, your first response was a smile because you feel so good about it??

?How can you get back into your work life driving seat?

?Ask and reflect upon:
➡What is working for you? Why?
➡What isn’t working for you? Why?
➡What is missing and why is it important to you?

✍Writing your answers down is key, to getting the thoughts that will lead you forward, out of your head, in turn generating more ideas.

?This will help you to start identifying what a fulfilling work life means for you.

If you have ever felt unhappy in your work life, what actions have helped you move forward??

What experiences can you share that might help others?

Photo courtesy of Andy Vu, Pexels

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