How are you hitting pause❓

?Pausing can be uncomfortable. It forces us to reflect and examine our decisions. Decisions that might seem ok in the short term, but have long term consequences. Without pausing we lose the opportunity to realise whether we need to adjust our steering wheel of life or in fact do a U-turn before it’s too late.

Why deliberately create pauses in your life❔
1.To recharge your energy 
2.Get out of autopilot, see more clearly what’s in front of you
3.Step back from the noise, hear your inner voice and wisdom 

How you might use the power of pause: 
⏸The Physical Pause ⏸
For when we are feeling rushed, short on time and require calm. 
?Inhale through nose for a count of 4, hold the breath for 4, exhale through mouth for count of 4. 

⏸The People Pleasing Pause ⏸
For when you find yourself in the habit of saying yes to everything. ?Before you say yes, when someone asks you to do something, pause, check in with yourself to see if you are planning to say yes out of obligation or do you really want to or need to do it?

⏸The Weekly Pause⏸ 
Courtesy of David Allen’s Book: Getting Things Done
To take stock of the projects you are working on to assess their status and prioritise next steps. 

How are you using the power of pause to power up your life?

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