?How tuned in are you?

?When we are looking to create change, make a difference and get results, it greatly helps to be focussed on the right things.?

Underpinning our ability to focus is our energy.?‍♂️?

?Learning how to harness energy for results
– requires us to really tune in to how our energy is spent.

Different tasks/events take different amounts of energy, for example:
– creating content
– giving a presentation
– being engaged in meetings
– doing a mundane task
– attending a job interview

?To really tune in we need to audit our energy.??

Tracking throughout the day:
➡What drains us ? ?
➡What sustains us? ?
➡What invigorates us? ✔?

Awareness and insight as to what these are for us, supports our
1. Focus
2. Decision making capabilities
3. Ability to lead ourselves and others to make a difference, create change and get better results.

?What drains, sustains and invigorates you? 
?How are you using this knowledge to shape your day?
?What do you do differently?

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