?How can you increase your capacity?

Recently I posted about *energy* being the most valuable asset
we have in living an expanded life.
↗With an ever increasing volume of worklife demands the traditional
approach to helping meet these has been time management.
And when that fails to make a dent in the demand, we try to combat
the demand by working longer hours.?
⏲Time is a finite resource. We all only have 24 hours.
We can’t create additional hours in the day ❌
Energy by contrast is a renewable and replenishable resource ?
We can create more energy ✔
(as well as protect our reserves, by better choosing what we focus on and when – but that’s another post for another day) ?
?For example:
1. When our basic physical needs are met e.g. quality sleep,
good nutrition, we are hydrated and regularly active, we naturally create more energy.
2. Through awareness of our energy needs we can leverage different
types of rest throughout the day to replenish our energy – fuelling us
for the next task/activity.
Check out ➡The 7 Types of Rest We Need ⬅Link in comments.
Together energy renewal and replenishment enhance our mental, emotional and physical states in turn helping us feel good and likely more confident and focussed.
Through greater energy management we have the ability to increase
our capacity not only to meet demands, but do so more effectively.
?What energetically charges you to be at your best?

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