?How are you showing up?

In work and in life how we show up in any given situation is influenced by our energy.⚡

When our energy levels are good, it’s more likely we will show up with positive emotion supporting us to live more effectively.?‍♂️?‍♀️

However, sustaining positive emotion over the long term when faced with ongoing demands and daily challenges isn’t realistic.

Throughout the workday we are subjected to many things, people and activities that drain us. ⏳

When we feel drained it’s more likely our emotions can become negative and include impatience, irritability and feelings of stress.?‍♀️

The good news is there are ways to diffuse negative feelings and in turn support our energy.

One way to do this is to ➡rewrite the stories we tell ourselves⬅

⏸Firstly, get into the habit of taking a step back ⏸

Take a break, reflect.

?Whilst reflecting, questions to ask yourself:
– How would the other person describe this situation and to what extent might what they say be true?
– How might I see this situation in 3 months’ time?
-What can I learn from this situation that might support me in some way?

Cultivating a regular practice like the one above over time can empower you to better manage and be less drained by external influences.

?What approaches can you share that shift your energy and your mood?

 Photo courtesy of Arindam Raha, Pexels.

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