Starting something new?

Be that a new project, a new job or perhaps even a new habit we can jump in with both feet, spending all the energy we have, quickly.

In my experience, life may involve sprints, but is mostly a marathon.

?It’s best managed when we pace ourselves and our energy to bring high quality performance in bursts, followed by strong rest and recovery habits that recharge us, allowing that all important focussed effort driving our results and our success.?

➡“The key to success isn’t starting strong, it’s staying strong. You need to self-regulate.”⬅

?Are your ways of working, working for you?

Check out this HBR article to read about:
✨4 Ways to Manage Your Energy More Effectively✨
1.    Set upper and lower boundaries
2.    Understand your tendency
3.    Build in rest and recovery
4.    Give yourself breathing room

?Need help with your worklife? Contact me today to chat.

Illustration by Fabrizio Lenci

Read the HBR Article: 4 Ways to Manage Your Energy More Effectively

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