What are your optimal conditions?

?We all have conditions that help us work optimally, thrive and show up at our best. ?

?For example:

⏰We are better at some things, at some times, than others.
✔Your creative juices flow best at night.
✔Early morning you are most engaged.
✔You are better at certain tasks early in the week when feeling fresher and relaxed from the weekend.
✔You work better later in the week having built up momentum of having got things done, to finish the week strong.

?Ways of working
✔Working with deadlines, best motivates you
✔Completing certain tasks in batches, ahead of time
✔Working best alone
 ✔Working best with others

?Environments that boost or drain our energy
 ?As soon as you enter the office environment, you either want to leave or stay. The energy is palpable.
?We all have personal space requirements. An environment in which we feel everything and everyone is on top of us can be draining.
?Working under artificial lights all day with no natural light or windows can restrict our sense of energy and enthusiasm.
? Quiet, calm spaces versus noise and distraction.

To harness our energy, we need to know what our optimal energy conditions are.

?What are yours?

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