Working more is never the answer.

Year on year having worked in IT, the demands went up and up.
Last years 100% target, is this years 50% .

With this increased demand, where was my capacity going to come from to meet it?

The typical reaction to meet worklife demands is to work longer hours.

However, if this were the answer we wouldn’t be seeing the rise of sick leave, mental health issues and increasingly common burnout.

?According to Tony Schwartz CEO of the Energy Project: we are chasing the wrong resource.

?Instead of spending more time working, a better way is to manage our energy.

?But what is energy?

Our energy can be broken down in 4 different elements:
1. Physical energy – how healthy are you?
2. Emotional energy – how happy are you?
3. Mental energy – how well can you focus on something?
4. Spiritual energy – why are you doing all of this? What is your purpose?

?‍♂️Every activity we do requires energy✔

How are you managing the demands in your life?

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