Life… is in the transitions.

This can involve the long goodbye, the messy middle and new beginnings.

And most often these transitions are not linear.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Okyne who trusted me to support him whilst making some big life transitions.

Read his story here 📝

“After living abroad for a number of years the prospect of getting back into the UK job market was daunting. I wasn’t only going to have to career transition, my personal and family life also needed some clarity and perspective. 

I reached out to Alison as I started making plans for my return to a country and job market that had changed significantly since I left . Alison worked with me to help me understand how the job market had evolved and how I needed to position myself to align with the best career options possible. 

Alison’s helped me remind myself of my value and reawakened my ability to back myself. 

After a number of sessions, I noticed my confidence had started trending upwards and was slowly stepping back into my POWER! 

Alison knew I had a lot in the tank, so she squeezed me at times, and made me uncomfortable, because she believed in what I was capable of achieving and wanted nothing less for me. She pushed me to stretch me, and this ultimately made me stronger, more self-aware, and more mindful.

After a couple of months, I was offered a job from a great company. Soon enough I’d gotten my mojo back. I remember placing a call to her when I received the offer, we celebrated together on a virtual call whilst listening and dancing to some great music 🙂

Working with her was such a valuable and life changing time for me. As a coach and a mentor, I have recommended her to a number of people who I feel would benefit from her support.”

🚀Life transitions can be overwhelming. They can be a place for huge growth. Often they strengthen you.🚀

🦉For me, they remind me that often we know more than we think we do and with that comes capability to forge new paths.🦉

🤓Thinking about life transitions, what has been your biggest learning, that you are grateful for?

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