Surrounded by echo chambers?

As we move through our lives people come and go, some stay.

It’s likely you are familiar with the idea that the people we surround ourselves with, matters.

Our identities and our lives are *hugely socially influenced and shaped*

We are wired for connection and for safety – so it’s easy and comfortable to hang out with people who broadly think the same as us.

Those interactions reflect and reinforce what we already believe to be true. 

Whilst it’s important for us to feel safe, if we want to truly live our lives, rather than be surrounded by people who just agree with everything we say, a level of challenge from those around us can be surprisingly nurturing and in support of our overall well-being.

It can lead us to create solutions to problems we had felt were unsolvable.

I was reminded of this at the weekend, whilst on a walk with a good friend who instead of agreeing with everything I said, curiously challenged my views. 

Within her curious questions were an opportunity for me to pause, reflect, examine and decide if there was something else to know, to learn and to become aware of in order to finalise a decision I was mulling over.

All too often our well trodden thinking patterns can lead us down the road to feelings of stuckness.

👀Who or what in your life provides you an opportunity to see something that is unseen?

🤔Who in your life is helping you become a better thinker?

🌱Who do you bounce off to fuel your growth?
Tag them in the comments by way of saying thanks🙏 and showing your appreciation for their nurturing presence in your life.

🧠Lead yourself – become a better thinker – lead your life 🧠

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