?How can you increase your capacity?

Recently I posted about *energy* being the most valuable assetwe have in living an expanded life. ↗With an ever increasing volume of worklife demands the traditionalapproach to helping meet these has been time management. And when that fails to make a dent in the demand, we try to combatthe demand by working longer hours.? ⏲Time is a finite resource. …

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?Are you taking advantage of these 7?

If you follow my posts or #liveyourtruthcoaching, you’ll know I talk a lot about our energy awareness and management as being fundamental to anything else we do in life. ?‍♀️Every activity we do, requires energy.?‍♂️ It’s worth paying attention to our energy throughout the day so we can to quickly spot when:⚡our energy is high?when it’s …

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