?Are you taking advantage of these 7?

If you follow my posts or #liveyourtruthcoaching, you’ll know I talk a lot about our energy awareness and management as being fundamental to anything else we do in life. ?‍♀️Every activity we do, requires energy.?‍♂️ It’s worth paying attention to our energy throughout the day so we can to quickly spot when:⚡our energy is high?when it’s …

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Are you using the power of pause in your life?

In my life this seemingly insignificant action has shown itself to be mighty powerful. Take for example, juggling worklife demands:➡ A constant flow of interruptions competing for our attention➡ When thrown ball after ball, we feel overwhelmed and exhausted.➡Combined with existing priorities, our attention feels scattered with stress and lack of productivity creeping in.?Together all …

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✔Hit or miss❌?

Is your work life a hit or a miss? Most of our waking hours are spent working. As a result, we might:?Get sick more often and have flagging energy levels?Experience communication challenges and strained relationships?Have an inability to relax and recharge, with sleep quality most likely impaired If left unchecked, these effects can send us …

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Have you ever?

Have you ever taken a new job and realised within the first few months, the company and the job weren’t what you thought they were? When deciding if a new job is right for you, we may be influenced by:?the promise of a higher salary and benefits?the perceived level of prestige and status ?the feeling of …

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