Welcome to my Testimonials page! Here, I’m excited to share with you the heartwarming stories, glowing reviews, and firsthand experiences of people whose lives have been positively impacted by my work. Each testimonial is a personal testament to my dedication to excellence, innovation, and the satisfaction of those I serve. For me, the true measure of success is seen in the happiness and loyalty of my clients. I’m proud and deeply grateful to present their experiences to you. Dive into these narratives to see why so many have chosen and continue to choose my services, and how I strive to exceed their expectations at every opportunity.

Alison's zone of genius in guiding people to harness their self-existing strengths and talents and taking authentic action in their lives has had a hugely positive impact in my life since being her client over the last six months. 

Thanks to Alison's penetrating but timely questions and exercises, I have recognized that I am already a successful and tenacious person with everything I need to live life as my true self with less fear. With this growing sense of empowerment I am able to make decisions with a stronger sense of conviction and less attachment to a perfect outcome.

 I feel more content and ready to handle the tough situations that arise with grace and self care. I have worked with several therapists and counsellors over the years and I can say that Alison is an exceptionally talented and compassionate coach. 

She acknowledges the whole person with all of our baggage and doubts. But she gently keeps bringing you back to the present and what you need to move forward using your own wealth of experience and skill. I highly recommend working with Alison to gain empowerment and stability in your work and life.

Angela Penton Owner,
Open Field Process Improvement, Jan 2021 - Canada
Being fairly early in my career, I have always tried to surround myself with mentors to get me through certain challenges. Although Mentors are valuable, I was looking for some more long term, open minded, vision sessions to really help me build a framework around what and where I can go in the future.

Coaching has been, and will continue to be, a life changing experience for me.

Coaching has opened up doors which I was hesitant to open before. It has put numbers on dots that I have had in place, but yet to have numbered, which has made my next steps much clearer and I feel more relaxed in day-to-day life.

Coaching helps break down big goals. By breaking down these larger, long term goals into smaller milestones, I have found that it has motivated me to actually take action due to the satisfaction that I gain from completing each small task.

Overall, I couldn’t recommend a coach enough. Alison has been great. I found myself able to open up and engage in deep conversations which is extremely important to enable certain breakthroughs. Alison gave me the time I needed to talk, and then reflected with me on what I’d said. Often, I had answered my own questions, which I found unbelievable!

I’m looking forward to attacking 2021 with my new set of skills I have generated from my coaching sessions. I am going into 2021 with a much clearer view of who I am as a person, and what drives me.
IT Sales Exec, Dec 2020 – UK
I've just completed a coaching journey with Alison. This was my very first life coaching experience. I really didn't know what to expect or how it could help my situation. I was looking to reconnect with myself, (I was struggling to hear my own thoughts) and increase my self-awareness, hoping this would help me make my communication more effective. For a long time, I'd been very unhappy in my relationship. I had tried various things and felt like my life was falling apart in front of my eyes.

It was really important to me to find a way forward, a way in which I could better manage interactions that resulted in better outcomes and a happier, more mellow life. I have to say Alison was incredible with her approach and coaching techniques. Alison has a way of creating a relaxed and trusting vibe which really helped guide me through our sessions.

Alison helped me see things I haven't seen or discovered before. It felt like doors appearing and opening. My relationship with my husband started to change quite quickly and after we completed our sessions it truly felt that my life has turned 360 degrees. When it comes to communication and having challenging interactions, I do things differently now. I feel I have had a breakthrough. The things I have learned about me have really changed me and I now see things with new eyes.

The changes I've made and the results I now see in my relationship has been an incredible experience. Alison's coaching has really changed my life and I can't thank her enough . I am forever grateful. I now have new approaches to navigate challenges. I can't recommend Alison enough to anyone who is struggling and ready to make a change
Creative Director, June 2020 – UK
Before working with Alison I was struggling with some major life decisions affecting my family and I. Living in an uncomfortable and unhealthy situation, I knew something had to change, but felt really stuck and bit hopeless as to what I truly wanted, what would be best for me and my family and how to make that happen.

Alison helped me explore my values to not only uncover the most important ones, but what these bring to my life, which helped me make key decisions and connect to a vision for a new life. Alison was like a thinking partner, helping me to map out my steps. Getting this clarity, relieved much pressure and tension. By knowing what I wanted, why and how I could move myself towards that was like putting on an oxygen mask. Alison created and held a caring, supportive, trusted space that allowed me to dig deeper and be more of myself to get to the heart of what I really needed.

Walking into a second marriage trying to give me and my children a happier life, I soon realised that the negative patterns of the first marriage seemed to also appear in my second marriage. I am working towards making this new life happen no matter how scary it may seem. The overall outcome for me is that I can clearly see what changes I have to make in my daily actions and my mindset and be strong for my children to live in a happy conflict free home.
Retail Group Executive Operations Lead, May 2020 - UK
"Having just completed a 6 week coaching programme, I couldn't recommend Alison highly enough. I admit, I was apprehensive before we started as I wasn't sure what to expect - this was my first experience of this type of coaching. However, this apprehension was short lived as Alison very quickly made me feel at ease. Alison's natural style is relaxed, unbiased and without judgement that builds a solid foundation of trust from the get go.

The explorative style and well-articulated approach meant that I was able to discuss what was important to me, my values and desires. This organically led to delving into my creative side.. Something I had not done for a long time which ignited a passion and sense of opportunity, picking up on ideas that had been pushed to one side.

The ongoing sessions then helped to tease out thoughts and feelings on how to craft a work life that utilises my creativity, exploring the potential for what this might mean for me personally and for my family. I now have in my mind clear next steps on how to make my dream a reality, aligning my heart, passion and creative capabilities.

Thank you Alison for opening my eyes, I am now putting the 6 weeks we had together into practice."
Senior IT Programme Lead Professional, June 2020 - UK
Alison is a rare force of nature in this world. Her energy and love is contagious and I'm grateful for her wisdom and grace. We met on LinkedIn randomly but I look forward to our conversations and remember why LinkedIn is so awesome, because of relationships like this one. If you're looking for a coach, I recommend Alison if you're looking for transformative experiences and breakthrough thinking.
Dr. Brian
Executive Coach | Leadership Development & Corporate Training | #LeadWithLove, Sept 2020 - US
Alison is gifted at connecting with people! She listens with compassion, communicates openly and honestly, and is consistently authentic. She is one of the most genuine people I've met, with a kind and tender heart for others. Alison's not afraid to challenge one's assumptions and paradigms to ensure them the opportunity to look at life through a different lens, allowing them to live their truth. Self rest and restoration are foundational to Alison's coaching, and she does a great job holding people accountable to this. While her focus is work life and identify coaching, through her Animas certification and natural gifts, she is equally adept at coaching in other areas - life, mindset, wellbeing, etc. Alison is one of three people that I've pulled into a coaching mastermind group, all brilliant coaches encouraging and nurturing each other.If you are looking for a transformational coach to assist you in making breakthroughs in your work life and mindset, I highly recommend Alison.
Vic Clesceri
The Management Sherpa™ ⇉ Executive, Professor, Consultant & Coach | Vice President, SmithFoods, Inc, USA
Working with Alison has been a breath of fresh air. I’ve known her since working together over a decade ago and she’s always been there to listen, empathise and encourage not forgetting to have a good laugh with along the way as well. Alison’s positive outlook on life has always inspired me and other mutual friends which led me to think about working with her in a professional capacity as a Work Life Empowerment Coach.

Since embarking on this journey together, I have learned to understand a lot more about myself and finding my truth. Alison has helped me to realise many aspects of my work and life and where I may not be showing up for myself and living my truth. Whilst this has felt challenging and uncomfortable at times, Alison has held a space for me to be “me” and discover more about what I am capable of. With clear guidance and areas to focus on, I can honestly say that the time I spend with Alison leaves me feeling empowered, energised and thinking about me differently and how I show up for myself. Her professional approach to working with me has not fallen short of my expectations as she raises the bar and gives you the work life tools and input to help you manage your own expectations from a much broader self-empowering perspective.

If you are seriously considering investing time in yourself and want to know how Alison can help, I would have no hesitation in recommending her and booking in for a strategy call as I did and haven’t looked back.
Snr. Client Manager, UK ​
After living abroad for a number of years the prospect of getting back into the UK job market was daunting. I wasn’t only going to have to career transition, my personal and family life also needed some clarity and perspective.

I reached out to Alison as I started making plans for my return to a country and job market that had changed significantly since I left . Alison worked with me to help me understand how the job market had evolved and how I needed to position myself to align with the best career options possible.

Alison’s helped me remind myself of my value and reawakened my ability to back myself.

After a number of sessions, I noticed my confidence had started trending upwards and was slowly stepping back into my POWER!

Alison knew I had a lot in the tank, so she squeezed me at times, and made me uncomfortable, because she believed in what I was capable of achieving and wanted nothing less for me. She pushed me to stretch me, and this ultimately made me stronger, more self-aware, and more mindful.

After a couple of months, I was offered a job from a great company. Soon enough I'd gotten my mojo back. I remember placing a call to her when I received the offer, we celebrated together on a virtual call whilst listening and dancing to some great music 🙂

Working with her was such a valuable and life changing time for me. As a coach and a mentor, I have recommended her to a number of people who I feel would benefit from her support."
Employee Relations Champion D&I, UK
Working with Alison has been a real revelatory experience for me. I was really drawn to her warmth and openness in our introductory call and the actual coaching experience was amazing. We explored areas that I wasn’t expecting, but that came up in our conversations and I appreciated her flexibility in following me wherever I needed to go.

Her observations and reflections were very insightful and really helped me to unpick my own narratives.

Even though our coaching journey has ended, I can honestly say that the value and impact of the conversations we had will last a lifetime!
Life Coach, UK
Coaching with Alison was just what I needed to clear the clutter in my head. Transitioning into a new chapter of my life brought up a whole raft of self-doubt and inner criticism.

Alison provided a safe space to get it all out on the table. Her amazing capacity for recalling and reflecting back my own words allowed me to really hear what I was saying to myself.

She offers a potent combination of understanding, patience and appropriate challenge which was perfect for me.
Logistics Director - April 2020 -UK
Alison Sinclair truly leads by example. Her Worklife and Identity Coaching is not only unique but also radiates from her content, actions and online presence. She has transitioned into 'Live Your Truth' Coaching with rich experiences and learnings to share with the world.  

Alison has a versatile personality, constantly focusing and allocating time to her personal development which allows her to build trust with her clients and connections and achieve mutually shared goals. If you want to unveil your truth, feel inspired, see the positive in everything or have a confident conversation, connect with her, seek her coaching services and live your unlived life. All the best!
Adil Farooq Qureshi ​​
CFO & Co. Secretary, Dec 2020 - Pakistan

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