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Self-leadership coaching for senior professionals in tech, finance and services seeking inner calm and confidence.
Lead life with conviction and in congruence with your truth.

Alison Sinclair

Live Your Truth Coaching


If you’re here, there’s a good chance one or more of these is true for you…

  • You’ve climbed the heights of success, achieved what many only dream of, but your outward smile masks an inner struggle.
  • The goal you’re seeking is tantalisingly close, yet always just out of reach. Or maybe you’ve reached that goal, but the joy hasn’t lasted.
  • You find yourself constantly striving, looking for the next mountain to conquer, hoping it will provide the ongoing fulfilment you crave.

If any of these resonate with you, it’s likely you’re spinning your wheels over and over: Wake up > check your phone > eat, work, strive, stress, sleep, and repeat. Life never quite hits the mark.

The void you try so hard to fill leaves you in a state of constant dissatisfaction. So instead of living the life you want, you feel blocked and frustrated. Plagued by feelings of lack and not enough-ness.

But life isn’t just about climbing the corporate ladder or hitting society’s milestones. It’s about cutting through the noise to find what genuinely inspires you, shedding the mental barriers holding you back, and creating a life that’s successful on the outside and truly fulfilling on the inside.

Through self-leadership coaching, I guide you to gain clarity, remove the barriers of self-sabotage, and reconnect with your inner strength and wisdom so you can navigate your life with renewed confidence.

Working together, we’ll cultivate more “I’m glad I did that” moments than
I wish I had” moments.

Is Self-Sabotage the Unseen Force Curbing Your Path to the Life You Desire?

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Raise Your Inner Game For Success

A proven approach that shifts the balance in your mind from self-sabotage to self-empowerment so your wellbeing, relationships, and performance flourish.

An eight-week mental fitness training programme that strengthens the part of your mind that serves you and quietens the part that sabotages you so you can conquer the empire between your ears.

Your investment:

More Ways to Work with Me

Saboteur Discovery Session


A one-hour awareness-building session to identify your top two saboteurs and the impact they have on your life. After an initial chat and payment, you’ll receive a saboteur assessment and instructions for our 1:1 session.

Your investment:
(Fully redeemable against the ‘Raise Your Inner Game For Success’ programme)

Self-Leadership Coaching Packages


Personalised coaching sessions to help you overcome self-sabotage, remove mental barriers, and unlock your potential so you think better, feel better, and do more of what matters to you.

Your investment:
From £3000

Custom Self-Leadership Coaching Package

Custom Packages

Tailored coaching and mentoring sessions offering targeted support for career changes, interview preparation, business guidance, and more.   


Your investment: Let’s connect and chat about what you need

Schedule an initial no-obligation chat to determine if a service is the right fit for you before going ahead.

Hi, I’m Alison

As an ICF-certified and EMCC Coach Practitioner, I specialise in Self-Leadership, 3 Brains Intelligence™, Mental Fitness, and Positive Intelligence®. My mission is to empower senior professionals in tech, finance, and services to cultivate inner calm, confidence, and energy so they feel empowered to lead themselves with unwavering conviction.

My journey in self-development began 20 years ago, with my first coach. Coaching boosted my self-awareness, improved my well-being, and helped me double my income.  My career spans multiple industries: banking, automotive, charity, naturopathic nutrition, services to IT leadership.

Live Your Truth Coaching grew out of my experience with burnout and my observation of others navigating life on autopilot, overwhelmed by stress and discontent. It became evident to me that mastering self-leadership is essential to living well.

My approach blends comprehensive training with my diverse life experiences, including time living in Japan. And, as a neurodivergent individual, I offer a creative space to support your development needs.

Clients achieve self-kindness and renewed clarity and learn how to pursue passions confidently. I help them bridge outer success with inner peace, extinguish self-doubt, and foster a powerful mindset.

Beyond coaching I enjoy painting, travelling, hiking, and wellness activities. I’m deeply curious and love learning – especially about the essence of truth and what shapes us as humans.

“To live in alignment with your spirit is to live your truth and build your life upon it.” Sonia Choquette

What My Clients Say

Ready to Reboot How You Live and Lead Yourself?

Shift from self-sabotage to self-leadership and elevate every awesome part of your journey. Let’s have a no-pressure chat to explore how self-leadership coaching can help.

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