Alison Sinclair
Self Leadership Coach

Are you leading your life or is life leading you?


Hello, I’m Alison Sinclair, a Self Leadership Coach.

I help Senior IT and business professionals who are feeling the effects of a demanding work schedule to make deliberate, proactive choices in alignment with who they are so they can back themselves with renewed energy, confidence and focus at work.

Having experienced multiple role types within corporate IT, I know how fast paced and challenging the industry can be. It’s all too easy to lose yourself in your work, with the rest of your life taking a backseat.

I focus on helping IT professionals create a better sense of self awareness and self-acceptance to get clear on their strengths and value so they can confidently create a healthier worklife.  I  support you with energy awareness and management to enhance your self leadership. Our work and home lives are deeply intertwined, with on average 13 years of our lives being spent at work. People making positive changes in their worklife tend to benefit across their whole life, doubling the potential of the transformations they experience.

Read on to find out how I can help you close the gap between the worklife you lead and one you create on your own terms.

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Helping You Find and Forge Your Own Path

I work with senior IT professionals one-on-one, every step of the way to help them elevate their self awareness and self-acceptance because when you are in alignment with what you want, who you are and what you stand for you can make deliberate, more proactive choices in all areas of your life.

Through my coaching services, you’ll learn:

  • Beyond the obvious, what’s not working for you and why at work.
  • Elevate your self awareness and self acceptance through knowing your values and beliefs and how these impact your behaviour.
  • How managing your energy enables your self leadership.
  • Know your strengths, your needs and what’s important to you.
  • Tools and strategies to help you create and navigate a worklife that’s in alignment with you.

And so much more.

So, if you are ready to take control and break-free from worklife overwhelm, I can show you how to navigate the transition with confidence. 

Each month, I open my calendar for a handful of 45-minute complimentary sessions.  

During the session we work together to:

  • Gain crystal clear clarity on what a healthy worklife actually looks like to you.
  • We’ll identify the issues that are keeping you stuck, stressed or overwhelmed. And…
  • You’ll leave the session re-energised with next steps in hand to create a healthier worklife that works for you. 

If you would like to have one of these free sessions, simply click below to book in with me.

Ways We Might Work Together

Monthly Tune Up

(90 Min)
Like life, we are not static and with changes often new challenges present themselves. This is a supportive coaching space to help you stay on top of change as it happens.

Worklife Breakthrough

(6 weeks - 6 sessions)
Worklife not working for you? Time to get clear on the what and the why to identify the changes that will leave you feeling energised, focused and confident.

Worklife Transformation Programme

(3 months - 12 sessions)
A more prescriptive approach to coaching through a series of guided themes. It's ideal for those ready to take a bigger step forward in their work and life.

About Me

10 years ago I started a development journey, trying out all sorts of approaches to move myself forward.  It was in coaching that I truly experienced transformation. This led to me doubling my income, improving my health and being equipped with more self awareness and tools to navigate my life better with a stronger mindset which opened up further opportunities.

My eclectic career background includes anatomy, research, naturopathic nutrition, living in Japan, charity work, automotive industry, banking, customer service, support, sales, cloud change management and most recently leadership in IT.

It’s in my IT career that mentoring and coaching became more formalised as part of my every day role. Having done Michael Bungay Stanier’s, “The Coaching Habit” training at Microsoft, I went on to study transformational coaching at international coach school, Animas.

Outside of coaching, I love health and wellness activities, painting, travel, and hiking. I am interested in what makes us who we are and what is truth.

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With a knack for helping make the invisible, visible, including surfacing personal strengths, as your coach, I will help you uncover your path to create a worklife that works for you.  Book a call today for an initial chat.

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