It is not a matter of if, but when.

Experiencing the loop?

We all encounter challenges and unexpected hardships.

Whether that be a health diagnosis, job issues, relationship break ups or anything else that seems to throw a spanner in our life plans.

These scenarios can evoke all sorts of negative emotions, e.g. fear, anger, frustration, impatience, anxiety and worry…

Triggering a loop of > unhelpful thoughts> negative emotions>more unhelpful thoughts> more emotions, ultimately making us feel bad.

Sometimes it is the other way round and the unhelpful thoughts come first.

Even if there is no real immediate threat, just feeling these emotions/ thinking these thoughts can put our threat detectors on high alert – and into fight/flight mode, we go.

As a survival response, fight/flight mode is *designed to be short lived* – not permanently ON- which is what can happen when we get stuck in the loop.

Operating day to day from this loop –
🔸seriously drains energy
🔸impairs ability to think clearly
🔸getting everyday things done can feel even more of a struggle
🔸narrows focus
🔸limits concentration
🔸weakens the immune response

We aren’t best placed to make decisions, communicate well and may well find ourselves later regretting our actions.

So how can you better navigate life’s obstacles and avoid getting caught in the loop?

There are plenty things you can do to strengthen and support yourself.

Today, my number 1 recommendation is to invest in your ability to ➡️access calm.

Within calm is the strength and confidence you need to weather any storm.

What 1 thing do you already know helps you feel calm?

🌱Hello, I’m Alison, a Self Leadership and Mental Fitness Coach.
🧡Supporting you to:
🔸get out of survival mode
🔸learn how to operate from performance zone
🔸lead yourself through your next big transition, with conviction
🔸create lasting worklife harmony

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