It was not boy bands for me, it was Bruce Lee.

Growing up my bedroom didn’t look like your typical teenage girl’s room. 

No posters of pop idols, instead the walls were covered with world wildlife posters.

And on the back of my bedroom door a huge poster of Bruce Lee with his nunchuks.

In the 80’s there was no Netflix, but there were Betamax tapes 😊

Fist of Fury, Big Boss and Enter the Dragon just some of my favourites I would watch on repeat.

I was fascinated not only by Bruce’s martial art skills but even more so by the way he spoke, moved and handled himself.

The energy of his stillness and poise were palpable.

I was convinced he had some kind of magic powers.

No matter what threats he faced, he remained very much in control of himself. At times he seemed to fight without fighting.

But what was behind that?

Was it his ability to stay calm?

I came across this quote, attributed to Bruce,
“There will be calm and tranquillity when you are free from outside influences and are not disturbed. Being calm means having no illusions or disillusionment with reality.”

Any Bruce Lee fans out there? 

What do you believe was behind his unwavering steadiness and poise?

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