New day… New beginning?

We may have a sense that something needs to change in our lives.

We may even have a vision for the change we want to realise.

And yet… we are aware that a new day, week, month has started and nothing is different.

The reasons we stay where we are without taking action, are aplenty.

Some of these reasons are common to us all:-

Looking inwards?
– Turning towards ourselves to really look and find the pathway forward isn’t always easy or comfortable. Just thinking about this can get in the way of taking any action – keeping us firmly stuck.

– Instead of embarking upon change, all too often the easier path is to soothe ourselves with distraction, over and over again. The list of distractions are endless and not always obvious or conscious.

– Our brains are wired to keep things as they are.
Biological programs run as we move through our day moving us towards or away from things depending on which action our systems deem, will ensure survival.

?Looking at different, differently
Embarking upon personal change is usually for our growth, nonetheless our systems only notice different without discerning that in fact the change may be better than the status quo. 

?Becoming aware of the patterns and ways of being that show up in our lives can be great starting points for the change you seek.

The smallest of steps can help us begin.

?Looking back on changes you made in your life…
what was the small step helped you get started?

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