Saeed Abdi

How’s your thinking?

 The quality of our thinking determines the quality of our future. In order to lead ourselves in life we must consciously build better thinking skills. In yesterday’s carousel post, I shared some tips.The below included in tip #2➡️Don’t believe everything you read. ➡️Refrain from accepting all as truth. ➡️Read multiple sources on the same topic. These same …

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Are you leveraging *your* IOW?

Step back from the Internet of Things (IOT) for a moment… and consider *your* 🦉Internet of Wisdom 🦉 ➡Looking outside of ourselves for:🧭guidance💡insight🧠someone to do our thinking, (so we don’t have to) 😵help making decisions ➡is too often the default approach for many of us. In my coaching practice, I am deeply passionate about helping you get connected …

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Are you using the power of pause in your life?

In my life this seemingly insignificant action has shown itself to be mighty powerful. Take for example, juggling worklife demands:➡ A constant flow of interruptions competing for our attention➡ When thrown ball after ball, we feel overwhelmed and exhausted.➡Combined with existing priorities, our attention feels scattered with stress and lack of productivity creeping in.?Together all …

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